GPS Arrow Pro

GPS Arrow Navigator is a simple and offline navigation tool for Android devices.
GPS Arrow Navigator shows an arrow to the direction you need to go, you will have to find your own way. No data connection is required making this app ideal for remote locations or when roaming for instance.
You can save your current location to use it later as destination, you can enter coordinates manually, or pick any location from the build in map. Store as many locations you want!
GPS Arrow Navigator shows you not only the direction you need to go, it also shows you your current bearing, speed and distance to your selected destination.

GPS Arrow can also be used for Geo caching, just enter the coordinates and go!

GPS Arrow allows you to save multiple (unlimited) destinations. The destinations will be saved on your SD card.

Download GPS Arrow Navigator Pro for Android!

Also we have a free version available, GPS Arrow Navigator Lite. This version is somewhat limited in functionality but is still powerful and very useful.

Download GPS Arrow Navigator Lite for Android!

GPS Arrow screenshots